Frequently asked questions

Before sending us any messages please see if your question is answered here.

1) Why is my advert not showing?
   Your advert may not show for one of the following reasons:
   a) You did not give us your "real" email address, so you never received the e-mail on how to confirm your advert.
   b) You did not follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail.
   c) Your advert has been deleted, either by yourself, or by us if the advert is unsuitable.
   d) Your 8 weeks of advertising time has passed.

2) How can I modify my advert?
   For security reasons we do not allow you to modify your advert.
   However you can delete the advert and post a new one.

3) How can renew my advert?
   For security reasons we do not allow you to renew your advert.
   However you can post a new one.

4) Can you tell me my password?
   We cannot tell you your password.
   When you placed your advert the password you chose was sent to you in the confirmation e-mail.
   Check your inbox.

5) What is the address (URL) of my advert?
   Adverts do not have there own addresses (URL).
   The advert will be in the section that you posted it in.
   It will start out on page 1 and move to through the pages as other adverts are added.

6) Can I post multiple adverts all the same?
   No. Multiple adverts do not achieve anything - in fact they annoy most people.
   We discourage multiple adverts and will delete all of them that we notice or are brought to our attention.

7) Do I need to register to post adverts?
   No. Just click on PLACE AD in the menu and follow the instructions.
   You must give your real e-mail address so we can send you instructions on how to confirm your advert.

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